Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY: Magazine Boxes

My mom told me once that when I was little, I loved having little boxes to sort and store things. And I've realized that I still do this. I tend to collect a lot of things, but I really like feeling organized, so I store them away in boxes, so I can get to them but don't have to look at them all the time. Some of my favorite items we own are boxes to store tea or office supplies. 

Our tea box from Rick's grandma

One of my favorite garage sale finds

For a while I had my magazine collection on a bookshelf, but I found when I took one out, the whole stack slid out of place, and I would have to reorganize the whole thing. I'd been thinking about magazine boxes, but I didn't want to pay for them (even though I doubt they are much money at all), so I decided it couldn't be that hard to make them. It definitely wasn't hard, but it did take me a few hours (I worked on them while Rick and I watched a movie).

We had all of the supplies, so it didn't cost me anything, but even buying the supplies would be cheap. We had plenty of moving boxes and packing tape, and I used both scissors and a razor blade, so I didn't bend the cardboard too much. I also had this pad of patterned paper, which is one of my favorite buys from Michael's. 

First, I organized my magazines according to title and then date, just so I knew how big to make each box. 

I cut the flaps off of the moving boxes and then cut up each side, so I had manageable pieces of cardboard.

I used the flaps of the moving boxes for the front, back, and bottom of the magazine boxes, and I measured the width of the stacks of magazines to be sure I cut the right sizes. 

I then used the larger cardboard pieces for the two sides of the magazine box. I measured these against the magazine stacks as well. The razor blade was really helpful for this part. 

Once I cut all of my pieces, I set them out like this and taped them together:

(Because my patterned paper wasn't too heavy, I cut the cardboard so that the writing would be on the inside and not show through the paper on the outside.)

I tried to tape each seam on the outside as well as on the inside since the magazines are pretty heavy, and I wanted sturdy boxes. I found that folding the tape in half (like a hotdog) helped when taping the inside of the box because I could apply the tape to one side and then unfold it and press it on the other side without it getting bent or wrinkled (if that makes sense). 

Then I wrapped the box using my sheets of paper. I didn't worry about the rough cardboard edges because the paper covered them up, and I used lots of tape, so they came out smooth in the end.  

I ended up needing three sheets of paper for the wider boxes because I had to cover the gaps on the front and back. But the smaller boxes only used two sheets of paper. 

Then I filled them up.


This morning I decided I like the the sides with the pattern, and not the magazine spines, showing, so I made some labels for the backs of the boxes. I used address label stickers and then cut off the corners, so they didn't look so generic. 

So now I have a clean office and a clear mind to get back to my thesis. :) 

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  1. Super cute way to use up cardboard! I like that the boxes are custom fit to each magazine!