Friday, August 12, 2011

Home Tour

This may be way more info/pictures than some of you were wanting, so sorry for the overload. I tried to take pictures like I was giving someone a tour, so I hope you enjoy. :)

Here is our house!

Here is the view down the street to the left: 

And to the right: 

Our front door:

Front hallway:

The living room: 

We have a fireplace now!

Our front window

The dining room, just off the living room:

Our back patio:

Our mini BBQ area

Our yard, from right to left:

The garage does look pretty weathered, but it looks a lot worse in this photo.

We have a little more unpacking to do

While this looks like a disaster, I think this old
shelf is kind of cool.  I'm going to try to fix it up
whenever we have a clean-out-the-garage day. 

The kitchen (I will show the pantry in another post):

Our stowaway gift from last year's RA team. Thanks guys!

The hallway to the bath and bedrooms.   

On the right: the first door goes to the basement,
then there's a closet, then our bedroom. On the
left: the first door goes to the bathroom and then
another closet. Straight ahead is the guest bedroom.
Please also note our classic doorbell to the
top right- it's so old! 

The bathroom: 

I really like these old fixtures and mirror details. 

The basement is unfinished, and I try not to go down there as much as possible. But our laundry and storage are down there, and we have another bathroom if we need it, but as you'll see, we also try not to go into that, either.

I call this our mobile home bathroom, which is
essentially what it is.

I feel like it's weird to have a picture of the toilet
here, but it's the nicest part of this bathroom,
so I think this makes the whole room. :)

Our laundry facilities

The view from the laundry area. The wood part on the top
right is our laundry shoot that drops our dirty clothes from
a drawer in the bathroom to our basket below. This is one
of our favorite features. 

Back upstairs, this is our guest room/my office:

And finally, our bedroom: 

 And that's it! We really like it here, and we are very much looking forward to having guests come visit, as we definitely miss friends and family. But we are thankful that we have technology in the mean time to make us feel not so far away.


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