Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's the Small Things...

Here are some things Rick and I have been able to enjoy lately. 

Great Food:

Delicious strawberries (that we later dipped in chocolate)

Veggies from our neighbor's garden

Animals: Here is Nora's response to the deer (for you, Mom) - the second video captures a little more of her little breathy growl (Rick is "barking" in the background to try to get her interested, haha). She doesn't seem to care too much about them anymore; she prefers growling at our neighbor when he mows the lawn. :)

Summer Storms: (As I went back through my media files to find some video, I realized that I've taken quite a bit of storm footage over the years, so I decided to gather all the clips for later posting.)

Summer rain

A hummingbird on our sweet peas, staying dry 

Rainbow over cornfields

Post-storm sky and trees outside my desk window

Lightning Bugs: (Their season is now over, which makes us sad, but we did some video of them. I'm disappointed that it's so hard to see them on these videos versus just on my computer! You have to look hard to see them, I guess.)


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  1. Love the tastes of your new life. Still can't believe you guys moved. Oh the joys of discovering all a new place has to offer.