Friday, August 19, 2011

Potential Weekend Project

We have been having a major thunderstorm today, so I have been watching some TV to drown out the noise in hopes that Nora might not be so scared. She gets this look on her face, and her ears go back, and she slowly jumps off the couch and creeps low to the ground so she can hide under the ottoman. I feel so bad for her! So I have taken a little break from my thesis and am keeping her company.  

I came across this project today, and I am thinking of doing something similar for more seating for our living room. 

I made this ottoman a few years ago from some plywood, fence post tops, foam, a curtain, and some fabric-covered buttons (I later added upholstery nails to trim the bottom and cover the staples):

The biggest obstacle I ran into was that thick foam is really expensive, so I bought some on Ebay to save money, but it still cost around $30 for the foam alone. I am thinking of using an egg crate mattress and longer legs to keep the height but save money this time around. 

I'm thinking I will try re-creating one of these with a tapestry I bought at a garage sale in San Diego. It's another item I've been holding on to and have not been sure what I wanted to do with it. 

It's about the same color as our current ottoman, and since the other colors are somewhat muted, I think it would work well. The side on the left is actually the back of the fabric, but I think I might like it better; it's lighter, and the subtle green is a nice contrast to the orange. I'll have to see what Rick thinks. 

I like the shapes of the ottomans in the first picture, so I may try to make a different shape this time as well. A circle would be pretty fun, but I don't have a saw, so I may have to pass on that for now. Also, my fabric is rectangular, so I may go for more of a bench. 

Anyhow, happy weekend for now! I will post next week about what projects I get into. Here's a parting picture of the sky this morning when I woke up:


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