Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thrift Store Pattern

Some of my favorite fabric patterns have come from clothes I've picked up at garage sales or thrift stores. Often the patterns and/or styles are awful for clothing, but they're great for re-purposing projects. I used made these fridge magnets from buttons and thrifted fabrics:

This pattern is from a pair of pajama pants

These are all from fabric I bought at Goodwill

Here are some patterns I found at Goodwill yesterday that I think could work for bags (grocery, make-up, purse), scarves, pillows, or even make-shift wrapping "paper." 

I had to limit my purchases because I already have a fabric collection waiting to be re-purposed, so here is what I bought today:

Three vintage shirts - one plain white blouse and two button-up shirts, which are a bit risky for me, as I don't usually wear much pattern. The white fabric with the yellow flowers and gray leaves is a suit and skirt combo that I plan to make into some pillow shams. Hopefully I will post that one of these days.


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