Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Sorry for not posting in a while. This weekend Rick finally had a free afternoon, so we went to Columbus for some back-to-school shopping. The mall at Easton reminds us a lot of the Fountains in Roseville, which makes us feel at home. We didn't really get any of Irene's bad weather, but we did get a few clouds. When the sun shone through on our drive home, the sky was stunning.

Rick also indulged me, and we went to a huge JoAnn Fabrics to pick out a pattern for our lamp shades. Here's what we decided on:

I made one shade this weekend, using fabric glue and some bias tape. I think it looks a little rough still, but at least we have a lamp shade again.

I did make it to one garage sale on Saturday, and I got a few fun things. I bought an old jar for my mom, some fun fabrics, and some taper candles for the brass candlesticks I got last weekend. :)

Sorry this one's blurry

On another note, MVNU classes start today, and I have been working hard to prepare. I went in yesterday to make copies and see my new classrooms. I am super excited for my MWF class because it meets in an upstairs room in the chapel building, which is gorgeous. The massive abstract stained glass windows are amazing.

And for another visual, here is the building Rick works in, just across the lawn from my classrooms:

Now I am off to finish up a few things before my afternoon class! I'll post again soon.



  1. Can't wait for you guys to come visit. There are so many cute little thrift stores here that you will come prepared!

  2. ooh, I'm looking forward to it!