Wednesday, August 31, 2011

William Morris Inspiration

Right when we moved to Ohio, Rick bought me this book I had been eyeing at Barnes & Noble:

I had looked through it briefly at first, but last night I spent some more time poring through the pages. These designs are so inspiring to me, and I love the color combinations he uses. Here are several of my favorites:

St. James's Wallpaper (blue colorway)
This one is my all-time favorite

Oak Tree Wallpaper (green and yellow colorways)

Avon Chintz

Briar Rose Wallpaper and Mallow Wallpaper

Honeysuckle Wallpaper

Anemone Textile (blue/green colorway)

Wallpaper with Navy Blue Seaweed Design

Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper Design
Another one of my all-time favorites

Fruit (or Pomegranate) Wallpaper 

Printing Block for Tulip Textile

Detail from Powdered Wallpaper

Detail from Larkspur Wallpaper

Garden Tulip Wallpaper

Design for Rose Textile

The book also has a few pictures of oil paintings, which are beautiful as well. I took a picture of the skyline from "Autumn Leaves," by Sir Jon Everett Millais. The light in the sunset he captured is amazing:

Hope you enjoy!

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