Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I didn't post anything yesterday because I was trying to get as much done on my thesis as possible. I ended up finishing edits on my second chapter, which was my goal, so I'm pretty happy with that. As a treat to myself, I sat outside in the sun for a bit with Nora and a cup of coffee.

Rick mowed the lawn this week, and it looks amazing!

The clouds were beautiful

This cloud looked like Nora lying on the grass

Nora is finally enjoying the yard, and she loves to sniff around and then throw herself down into the grass and roll around. I am pretty sure she does this in patches of deer poop, which is totally gross, but I haven't caught her in time to check yet. :)

She inevitably gets grass all over herself.

Each time I let Nora out, I saw this HUGE bee who stayed in this same position. I checked this morning, and he's still there, even after all the rain last night. Is it possible he died, or do bees sleep like this?

Nora and I enjoyed soaking up the sun while it lasted. The storm late last night/this morning is a story in itself, so I'm working on a post for that next. :)

Rick and I ended yesterday by going to dinner with the Whittakers, a family who used to live in San Diego and work at Point Loma when we were students. They have been so welcoming, and it was so nice to get to know them a bit more and laugh about some of the quirks we've noticed in moving to Ohio. We're very grateful they are here!



  1. Nora sounds like a little pig in that video, but I'm happy to see she is finally enjoying the yard!