Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicago Quick Trip

This past weekend Rick and I drove to Chicago to see Joel and Elda. Since Hannah's family lives near Chicago, she drove out with us, and it was so nice to have her company. We had a wonderful time with  everyone, and it's nice to be close enough to be able to head that way now and then. Here are a few pictures from our adventures. 

On the road

Heading west

Buckingham Fountain

I tried playing with shutter speed on our camera, and I took
this through my sunglasses - I like how it turned out!

Joel and Elda

Lake Michigan after the rain

Rick and me at Millennium Park

Another downtown water feature

The Hard Rock Hotel and water spray from
the fountain

This is where Elda will be singing in a
chorus this fall

Yet another lovely water feature

Storm clouds behind Buckingham Fountain

"Queso" flavored ice cream - we did not dare to try it. The fact
that it has chunks of Kraft cheese in it really grossed us out.

My attempt to catch the "Welcome to Ohio" sign

More fun with shutter speed - I like the colors!


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