Monday, September 5, 2011

First Friday

So I did my weekend posts a bit out of order, but here is another of our weekend happenings.

This past weekend Rick and I had dinner with our new friends Beau and Suzie and their daughter Maddy who is so cute! Then the five of us went to Mount Vernon's "First Friday" event. It takes place on the first Friday of each month (I think until October), and they have an old car show, and the shops and restaurants stay open a little later. Also for this First Friday, MVNU had the grand opening of their new nursing center, so we wanted to check that out as well. 

The old cars parked around the town square
(Dad, I thought you'd like this)

The view on Main Street from the town square 

The new nursing building, Hunter Hall, is next to MVNU's art building on Main Street in the old/downtown area. Here is the view from outside:

The Director of Admissions was excited to see us. :)

The conference room downstairs

The new coffee shop

The event ended at 9 pm, and we didn't even make it upstairs to see most of the building because we ran into so many people we knew (which was a nice problem to have - it made us feel at home). Here is one picture I found online:

I hope to get some more photos from others who were there, but for now, here is the link to the building's floor plan, and here is the link to the Mount Vernon News article covering the grand opening.

Rick and I had a great time with Beau and Suzie and Maddy, and we ate some cupcakes from The Pink Cupcake, another shop on Main Street. Mine was coconut and pineapple and had a beautiful candy flower on top. I ate it before I thought to take a picture - sorry! :) Next time we want to check out an opera house that's up above Sips (the local coffee shop). We thought it would be cool to take Joel and Elda there when they come to visit.


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