Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ohio State Football

On Saturday our friends and across-the-street neighbors, Matt and Hannah, got free tickets and invited us to go with them and Matt's brother to Ohio State's first football game of the season. We were pretty excited that the tickets were free and that the first game we were here for is one we actually got to attend. 

The stadium has beautiful architecture. This is the ceiling of the entryway:

And this is a stained glass window we saw as we walked to our seats:

We got there a little after the game had started (since we got the tickets very last minute, we rushed to make the game), and this is what we walked out to - a stadium full of red:

Poor Akron Zips fans, the only non-red
shirts in the stadium. :)

Matt said this guy looked like
Walker Texas Ranger, haha. 

We knew it would be hot that day, but we really had no idea what we in for. It was about 100 degrees and was rather humid, and on top of that, the stadium was packed! Hannah and I went to get some waters, and it was total chaos. People all around us were collapsing from the heat, and it was a free-for-all with the ice. Everyone was soaked, and even in the shade it was scorching. Thankfully, we got water before they ran out, but I think Hannah and I stood in line for almost an hour! (I had a moment of feeling sick on our way home, but after getting some water and electrolytes, I felt fine, and everyone else did well. We were just sapped of energy from spending so much time in the sun.)

We made it back to our seats in time for the half-time show. I had no idea about all the fanfare and tradition during these games. My favorite part was the baton-twirlers. They wear huge hats with feathers, and their dramatic movements made me laugh pretty hard. I didn't get any video of them during the game, but here is a short video to give you an idea of what got me laughing:

But as much as they made me laugh, I'm pretty impressed with what they can do with the baton. The marching bands were really good, too, and very precise in their formations.

The alumni marching band with several

They made a 75 on the field in honor of Jesse Owens,
but I forget why, exactly.

I was really glad we got to see them spelling out the script "Ohio." Rick got a good video, and even though it twists halfway through, you can see how many people there were on the field and just how incredible it looked. Also, toward the end you can see the baton-twirler (in white pants) guide out the person who "dots the 'i'" on the "Ohio." He does my favorite strut. :)

Finally, toward the end of the game a breeze started up to cool us off a bit. It made for a dramatic flag-waving picture. :)

Down at the field after the game
(I borrowed one of Hannah's OSU shirts)

Last night and today brought more rain, thunder, and lightning, which is a welcome relief after the heat yesterday. After a full weekend, we're glad to unwind before starting a new week. I think I'm going to make some pumpkin bread this evening because it's starting to feel like fall ... :)


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  1. Your blog is cute!! Wish I was good like you at keeping people updated! Oh and how's that pumpkin bread coming?? Seems like you've been working on it for about 3 weeks now! Ha!