Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A San Francisco Treat

We didn't eat any rice, but we did ride a cable car. 

This past weekend my mom and I flew to San Francisco for me to attend my friend Chloe's wedding. The ceremony and location were beautiful, and it was so good to see Chloe and Alex so happy. My camera didn't take great pictures in the low light, but at least you can get an idea of what it looked like and how beautiful Chloe is.

My mom and I walked all over the city on Friday. I wanted to check out the Ferry Building, and I am so glad we did on Friday because when we went back on Saturday, there was barely any walking room because it was so full of people. 

The Bay Bridge
How I have missed Peet's!

Beautiful dahlias inside the Ferry Building

I've missed palm trees as well

Mom snapping a photo

Mom and me on a dock

I think this one is my favorite picture from the trip. :)

We walked all the way down to Pier 39, too. It was such perfect weather this weekend - I don't think I've ever been so warm in San Francisco. On Saturday I even wore a tank top and was still hot!


Little bearded flowers that we made sing. 

Fog rolling in

Ghirardelli has a pumpkin spice carmel-filled chocolate -
my new favorite!
Golden Gate Bridge

Here are some more views from the cable car:

At Lombard Street

View of the Bay Bridge

On Saturday we walked around downtown and spent some time window shopping in Union Square.

We liked the paisley storefront

This shop had old sewing machines in all of
its windows. 

On Sunday before we left, my mom and I walked around Chinatown a little bit. I had never been there, so it was a neat experience for me. 

The gate to Chinatown

I tried to get a few shots from the plane as well:

Someone said the stadium here is Candlestick Park, but I
think it's where the 49ers play instead.

The bay area, looking northeast

The city from above

Since I have so many more photos I want to share, I thought I had better break them up into several posts. So more is to come! 


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