Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, I changed the calendar today and get to enjoy this lovely scene for a month. I love the fall colors:

This week has been really good so far - I am liking my schedule, and my students seem great. We are enjoying our time here, but this week especially we have been missing San Diego and our friends and students there. Little things come up here or there and remind us of home. For instance, some of my students (in appearance or mannerisms) totally remind me of people I've known from PLNU or WJU (It's been weird and yet comforting to realize that wherever we've gone). Also, I was randomly looking through an old copy of Better Homes and Gardens today, and I came across a picture and thought, "Wow, that looks like a house in Point Loma!" And it is! So crazy!

I have also been looking through some of our old pictures, so I thought I'd post a few here, too, just to share a few things we've been missing.

That darn tree that blocked our view :)

The colors of the water after it rains

Watching the sunset from the balcony

The sun on storm clouds

Looking at this while I cooked dinner

Palm trees and boats

Looking for whale spouts

Shelter Island

But, that being said/shown, even though we miss a lot of things and even more people, we are truly happy to be where we are, and I know that we're in the right place. And being with those two in the last picture makes me incredibly grateful.

More to come tomorrow.


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