Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My birthday was this past weekend, and I had a great time. I felt like the festivities began on Friday since in the morning I went to a rummage sale in Gambier (where Kenyon College is - recently voted the most beautiful campus in the U.S.) with Jen (an RD) and her daughter Nora. I scored some great warm clothes - five sweaters and a winter coat for $15! We then had lunch at a small deli at Kenyon with Samantha (another MVNU RD), and I really enjoyed the time spent getting to know new friends.

Here are a few of my finds:

Nora really likes my coat. :)

I was then inspired to re-organize our closet and color code
our clothes. I did a better job with Rick's side. :)

I bought some "buckeyes" (chocolate peanut butter candies)
at the bake sale as well 

Also on Friday, Stacee, my former youth pastor from San Diego, spoke in chapel at MVNU, and was in town for a day, so Rick and I took her to dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant called Bayleaf. It was so great to see her and get caught up on what she has been up to recently.

On Saturday Rick and I took a trip to the Jeffersonville outlets, just south of Columbus. Shopping is not usually our activity of choice, but we got some great deals on clothes for work, and it was nice to spend a day away with new scenery. Here are a few pictures from our drive through the countryside:

It was a fairly cloudy day with occasional thunder

The Columbus skyline

I think this is the Olentangy River

We also stopped at one of my new favorite dessert shops in Columbus, Pistacia Vera (it kind of reminds me of Azucar in San Diego). They have amazing macarons, and yes, I got one of each flavor (except for the lavender honey, which wasn't my favorite). :)

Left to Right: Caramel Praline, Strawberry Amaretto, Mocha,
Pistachio, Vanilla Bean, Black Raspberry Hibiscus, Passion
Fruit, Chocolate Mint, Nutella, Key Lime, and Lemon Curd

I came home to some wonderful cards in the mail and a few birthday treats:

A fun new recipe book and patterned page flags from Diane

Pumpkin whoopie pie mix from Grandma Carol, and
funfetti cupcakes from Matt and Hannah, our neighbors
across the street

Great smelling lotions from Wendi, Matt's
mom and the office administrator in Rick's

We discovered that Hannah and I share a birthday, so they invited us over to their house for a party they threw. It was so pleasant to end the day in a home full of family and friends. We feel so thankful that they live across the street from us. We've had such a great time with them so far, and I know they are a Godsend for friendship and company.

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone for making it special. :)


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