Monday, October 24, 2011

Around the House

I will post more pics soon of our awesome weekend with San Diego friends - there are so many pictures that it's taking me a little while to sort through them. For now I wanted to share a few of my around the house projects.

First, I will update soon on my front porch project. I got the okay from our landlady to paint our front door and the door to our garage, so I am meeting her tomorrow evening to pick out a paint color. More on that to come. :)

This past week I did a few things to clean and organize. I've been wanting some kind of bulletin board or organizer for our mail. We usually end up stacking it on the dining room table, and then we forget to open it or sort it. I decided to make my own board out of cardboard, fabric, ribbon, batting, and an old picture frame. While I have yet to sort the stack of mail in the dining room, I think this is will help me start to get things in order. I hung it in the kitchen with the recycle bin just below it, so I can easily sort and toss mail in one place.

I also rearranged the hutch, added my geranium, and hung a bird picture above. I feel like there's more life in the kitchen now. 

I also organized the guest room closet. I didn't get a before shot of the closet itself, but here are the contents strewn around the room.

And here is the closet post-organization. Rick and I moved in a bookshelf from the garage; now I have lots of storage as well as easy access to my fabrics, paints, books, and magazines. I was also able to squeeze in my printer as well, so it's not collecting as much dust. On top of the bookcase I added my bead and button collections.

On the other side of the closet I stacked my plastic drawers full of fabric, ribbon, felt, and paper. 

Also, this past week our heater went out, so our landlady bought firewood for us until someone was able to come fix it. Thankfully, although the weather was cool (in the 40s and 50s), it never got unbearably cold inside. The fire helped, and we were pretty excited to start our first fire here!

Rick kindling the fire

Cozy ambiance

This isn't a house project, but it's too funny not to share. Nora usually tries to sit as close to Rick as possible, but this is a new pose - she looks so uncomfortable! :)

On yet another note, the weather this weekend was pretty dry, but earlier today it rained quite a bit. Here are a few shots I took of our tree this morning around sunrise.


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  1. that is the most organized closet I have ever seen! when can you guys come out to WA and take care of ours?? :)