Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Fall Colors, Natural Spider Repellant, & Front Porch Sneak Peek

The trees along the back of our house are now starting to change. Here are some pictures I took the other evening:

Another thing that has gotten me pretty excited this week is that Rick brought home some natural spider repellant: osage oranges or hedge apples. I admit I was pretty skeptical at first, but apparently everyone out here knows about this; we are learning a lot! :) Anyhow, Rick and I have found numerous large (silver dollar size and up), black/brown, baby-tarantula-looking spiders in our basement, and I have been dreading doing laundry down there because they like to hide in the clothes piles. So I am quite hopeful that this will keep them away. We are going to put them around the walls in the basement and then wait, I guess; I will keep you posted on it. :) I think if I were a spider, these would creep me out, too:

Cross section of a hedge apple

Leaves and branch

I was hoping to make more progress on our front porch updates, but I need to put my writing and lesson planning first, so it will be just a bit longer. For now, here is a sneak peek of what I made this past weekend:


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