Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Walk at Kenyon

This past week Rick and I have been enjoying the fall weather. We took Nora for a walk at the nearby Kenyon College - a beautiful campus only about five minutes from us. We met a very nice woman who used to be a librarian for the college, and she was so warm and friendly; Rick and I felt grateful to have a neighbor school with people so committed to seeking knowledge and so glad to welcome new members to the community. I tried to take some pictures to capture how gorgeous it is there, but since the light was fading, I didn't get many good shots.

I was trying to get the yellow leaves, but even though it's
blurry, I think it turned out kind of neat.

I think this is the cafeteria building - Diane said it looks like
Hogwarts. :) I agree. 

Harcourt Parish, the Episcopal Church on campus
 (another of my attempts at longer shutter speed) 

Here are some clearer pictures I found online:

I am really looking forward to the leaves turning colors. Some trees are vibrant already, but nothing like the picture above yet. I will be sure to take lots of pictures soon!


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