Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Week of Weather

As I sit here typing tonight, the thunder is not only shaking the house, it's shaking my computer! And the lightning is incredible - it's shooting across the sky diagonally, and I'm really enjoying watching it. But this means that yet again Nora is none too thrilled. Here she is seeking solace under a chair in the living room: 

And here's another video of the thunder and lightning with more of my quality narration. :)

We've had quite the swing in weather this past week. Earlier in the week it was nice and warm and sunny, then it was pretty windy, then clear but cool, and now today we have thunder and lightning storms. So here is a little video and picture summary of the week's weather and some details I captured:

Clear skies


I've collected some incredible leaves on
our walks recently.  :)

The sky and tree in our front yard

Trees across the street
(before the wind blew off all the leaves) 

Here is a video I took of the wind. It's so loud that I don't think you can even hear what I say, but the wind almost knocked me down the stairs I was standing on. 

A cardinal in our tree, fluffed up for the cold and rain.

The barn across the street from the dog park - I like how
the sky looks washed out this picture

Storm clouds today

This is a video I took earlier today. I thought you might enjoy my cheesy commentary - I was legitimately shocked by how hard it started to pour in such a short amount of time. 

Thesis update: I have finished edits on my first three chapters - Hooray! Now on to editing the fourth and writing my conclusion. The end is in sight, so I will try to post again soon.


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