Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Crafting

While everyone was here for Thanksgiving, we bought a tree, made some ornaments, and decorated a bit. 

Elda made this amazing blue guitar out of felt

I made a Nora silhouette ornament

A felt dahlia to top the tree

Our back door

My snowflake garland from last year

The tree garland from last year

Nora pretending she's a cat

Our first fireplace with stockings!

Since it's beginning to get a little cold, I have been crafting some re-usable hand-warmers. I love this project because I can finish them in one sitting. :) And it's inexpensive, useful, and simple. Here are the ones I have started so far.

I've been following some embroidery tutorials online, so I
practiced some here. The lace I got a yard sale. 

I've also done some baking for my classes as well. I made sugar cookies and my favorite white chocolate sweet potato cake.

I took the saran wrap off, and it looked terrible, so here is a
view with it on. :)

I have more ideas I want to start on, but I also have to get through this lovely stack of papers to grade. 

At least it's cold and gray outside - today it even snowed a little bit, which was amazing! So now I'm off to my hot coffee and papers. 


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