Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Winter Weather Weekend

This past weekend was the first time I had a break in a long while. Earlier in the week we had our first taste of winter weather. 

I bought some snow boots because I knew it
was supposed to snow this week, but the snow
was totally underwhelming, and there was no
need for boots yet. :) Oh well. I will be
prepared later. 

The first snow - it was VERY light, and, actually, the frosts
we've had have left more white.

A little bit of snow on the trees

A beautiful sunrise

A morning with frost

On Saturday I first did some crafting and baking, which was very relaxing, and then Rick and I took Nora to the pet store in Columbus.

I love the red Christmas cups

On a walk in Columbus - I am loving the gray skies and
bare trees

Later on Saturday we went with our neighbors, Matt and Hannah, to a Christmas light walk in Granville.

Lovely carpet in what is supposed to be a haunted hotel

Cool pattern in the walkways

Granville street lined with paper lanterns

Rick and me

Hannah and Matt

I bought for $3.50 at a used bookstore in Granville. I love the patterns! Here are some of my favorites that I hope to create at some point.

And here are Rick and Nora, tired after a fun weekend. :)

All in all it was a lovely and relaxing time off.  



  1. happy winter! loving the snow. we're still waiting for our "first" of the season. it's been cold enough, but the rain has been at bay- a good thing. glad to see you guys are doing well! are you guys staying out there for Christmas?

  2. Hi Noelle! We went west for Christmas but are back in Ohio now. We had three great weeks to soak up the sun and were so grateful for it. It's now pretty cold and snowy all over. I'll post more pics soon. Have you had snow yet?