Friday, February 3, 2012

The Back Door

Since I've had all of January off, I thought I'd have lots of creations to share, but I don't have much to show. I think I felt a little paralyzed, like I should have been doing lots of other things with my time (looking for work, planning lessons, etc.) rather than crafting. Also, in the evenings Rick and I watched tons of Lost episodes and finished the season finally, so that kept me busy. 

With the recent tease of warm weather we've had, though, I was able to finish painting our back door to the garage, and I think it looks so much better. 



And Nora matches the door. :)
The white paint on the inside of the door is smudged all over the window edges, which bothers me, but I think I can scrape that off fairly easily. For now, at least, it's less of an eyesore from the yard. 


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