Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

As much as Rick and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day, I do love to do festive things, so this week I made some chocolate-covered strawberries and several embroidered cards. I'd share some photos of the strawberries, but Rick and I ate them all in one sitting. :) But here are the cards:

This morning has been beautiful so far, too. We had huge snowflakes, and for the first time I saw that snowflakes actually look like the ones we think of at Christmas. This is somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I thought that what we think of for snowflakes was more like how we think of a heart - we have an identifiable shape, but it looks nothing like the real thing. Anyhow, I finally saw that snowflakes are tiny, and I loved looking at their varied shapes. I tried to capture a few close-up pictures of some that landed on my sleeves. 

And here's a little snapshot of the weather today, too.

Looking up at the sky


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