Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Photo Pastiche

I finally got around to loading some pictures off my phone, so even though these are pretty random, I figured I'd post them here to document my recent goings on and a few creations. 

My first successfully completed knitting
project: a headscarf for Nora. Her ears are
always so cold when she's outside, so this

A coffee mug my friend Allison gave me.
This is the view from the front desk in the
classroom where I teach.

I did get a picture of the berries when I made them a second
time. And once again we ate them in one sitting. :)

A fruit tart I made a while ago for a game
night with friends.

I saw this in an antique shop in San Diego over Christmas -
I just liked the pattern.

This was in a magazine (maybe DIY
Magazine?) I saw the other week. I decided
to take this as proof I'm ahead of the trends. :)

I may have shared this before, but in addition to their
generic cheese labels, I have also learned that Kroger
keeps Kashi cereal in the health food section, way up at the
front of the store - no wonder I couldn't find it!

I thought I would be seeing this view a lot more this winter,
but the weather has been wonderful! I took this on a run on
Monday, and since then the pond is unfrozen, and it was 50
degrees today. I am very happy. 

And finally, we heard great news for my dad
on the job front, so Nora celebrated with me.
Congrats, Dad!


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