Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Going Back to the Start

Well, as I've looked back over the majority of my posts this year, I'm seeing that I haven't written much in terms of my reflections, creations, and inspirations, as my subtitle suggests. While I did go through a time of stunted creative productivity (which I am blaming partly on winter, partly on my thesis, and partly on my stock-piling of clever ideas via Pinterest at the expense of actually doing some of what I have pinned there), I have recently been crafting a few new things, and I plan to redirect my blog to cover more of that.

I also want to write posts that are actually meaningful to me. So far I feel I've done more of a travel blog, posting new things I've encountered in Ohio and on our various outings. While I like posting these things, I want to use this space more for reflection about those experiences. I'm definitely an internalizer, so I don't often think to write posts about my thought life, but I really do believe this shapes the way I spend my time and energy, and I want to make note of that here. After reading through another (amazing) blog recently, I felt a renewed desire to make this space more creative and inspiring and to better reflect my vision for who I am and who I am becoming as well as what I do and what I hope for.

I'm currently working on a blog redesign to refresh my focus, and I have several projects I am working on posts for, so I hope to have those ready soon. Until then, I still plan to post some photos from my travels, but I'll try not to make that the central purpose of my blog.



  1. I think winter always stuns my creativity. I hate being cold... and I am much less motivated to do things when it is cold! Since it has warmed up here, I have done so many more crafty things. I have also treated our house to some new house plants and succulents. I think spring brings a renewal of many things... crafting included!

    1. I totally agree! I've enjoyed seeing what you've made on Pinterest. :)