Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Around the House

I've made a few changes around the house this past weekend. I cut some flowers from the tree in our front  yard, which we learned is a Japanese flowering crabapple (I can't seem to find my camera, and the iPhone doesn't take great close-up shots, so these aren't the best pictures...). They are quite fragrant - to me they smell a little like jasmine. 

The flowers in our back yard have multiplied over night, too. I'm fairly sure these are all weeds, but I'm loving the color and life so much that I don't care; they make the yard lovely anyway. :)
Finally, I added a bit of art to our kitchen. The bulletin board I had there before was under-utilized, and I think the grand frame fits this much better. :)
Now that I have a well-scented, clean, and inspiring work place, I am settling in to update my resum√© (in hopes of teaching more units in the fall) and revise my thesis. 


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