Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Here are a few snapshots from our Easter weekend. We went to a beautiful and moving service at Harcourt Parish, where we are beginning to attend. And for the most part we had a relaxing few days to sit in the sunshine and read. I discovered that we have two lilac bushes in our backyard, so I cut some for a vase in the kitchen, and I am very much enjoying their wonderful smell as I wash dishes. :)
Rick and I have also been enjoying cooking at home, and we've been experimenting with veggie-rich meals. We made Thai veggie pizza, vegetable curries, and these avocado, carrot, and cucumber spring rolls. 
I also bought a papaya, which I didn't think I liked, and I ate the whole thing basically on my own this weekend. It's delicious with blackberries and vanilla Greek yogurt.
I did some painting as well, which I will post on soon. 


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