Monday, May 7, 2012

Antiquing and Cinco de Mayo

This weekend Rick and I went with our friend Beau to an antique sale at a local farm. The drive there was lovely, and when we got there we were in awe of the lush gardens. 
We saw so many cool antiques, but we didn't splurge on anything. The prices were decent, but I have a thing for garage sale pricing, so it's hard for me to spend more than $20 on anything. We did purchase some local raw honey from a cute, eleven-year-old boy who keeps his own bees. He sells the honey in these vintage glass bottles, and he even made a little bio about himself that he put into the packaging. I thought he was adorable, plus we've been wanting some local honey because it's supposed to help with allergies, and Rick's have been pretty bad recently.
I also bought some rosemary and basil for our garden. Rick and I came home inspired to do a lot of weeding and yard work. I cleaned up the porch area, and Rick pulled out a ton of old, dead plants from our flower beds out back. I'll share pictures once we mulch and plant some flowers.
I helped a little with the weeding, but having disturbed the spiders from their hiding places, I could only take so much.... As you can see here, they were even crawling on our windows. This one above Nora startled me, but it was outside at least.
For dinner on Saturday we celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating at Fiesta Mexicana here in town with Beau and Suzie and their daughter Maddy. Aftwerward I decided to try making churros for the first time. They were delicious and surprisingly simple; I'd definitely do it again.
They look kinda gross when frying, but with all the cinnamon and sugar on them they're amazing. :)

All in all we had a pretty full weekend, but a fun one. It was a nice preview of summer before a week of grading. Almost done!


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