Saturday, May 5, 2012

April Showers and May Flowers

We've had some rain and thunderstorms this week, and the water has been pouring down. Here are a few photos I took of our overflowing rain gutters. In this bottom picture I kept the chair in view, so you could see how just how huge the waterfall was.
Yet again, Nora didn't sleep so well during the night's thunderstorms, but as soon as the sun came up, she was out. What a life she has. :)
Today when I let Nora out, I noticed how lush the rains have made our backyard. Here are my newly potted plants on our porch and a view of the almost fully-leaved trees out back.
I got a very pleasant surprise when I went to take pictures of our wild strawberry plant - the blackberry bushes are blooming! I don't know why I didn't expect that because I know strawberry plants have flowers, but I guess I have just never seen them in the spring before. Since we have so many bushes, I think our yard will be gorgeous in just a few days with lots of large, white blooms.
Wild Strawberry
I also discovered this lovely bush hiding under the blackberries and behind our lilac bush. I think they might be azaleas? The fuschia color is so vivid - I'm excited to see the blooms fully open. You can see below how the buds are closed and kind of spiky-looking.
I am enjoying having a yard full of surprises; I think that's my favorite part of spring so far. I had no idea what kinds of plants we had around our house, and now that the flowers are coming up, I get to enjoy such a lovely gift. It makes me excited to have a yard of our own some day. I'll try to get more pictures as the blooms all open up. 


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