Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nora's New Storm Shelter

Nora has a new hiding place now. We couldn't find her during the thunder storms this afternoon, and she was in the bathroom in the towel basket under the sink. I put her bed down there finally since she had smashed all the towels. :)
On another note, I bought lemons to make this recipe, and I tried my hand at it tonight. It was a delicious lemon tart, but unfortunately, mine looked far less appealing than the recipe's photos. :) 
The second slice looked just slightly better... :)

This needs to be the end of my sweets-making. I signed up to make a chocolate cake this weekend, but I'm hoping to give most of it away, so I don't end up eating it all. :) This week I promised myself I'd try to tone down my sweet tooth...


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