Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ottoman Re-upholstery

As you can see below, our ottoman has been looking sad and dirty lately, and the buttons are not so even, so I decided to recover it. I had originally given myself the rule that I wouldn't buy fabric at Wal-Mart, but I saw a grey version of the ticking stripe I used on our guest room roman shades, and I like it even better than the blue one. 
So this week I re-covered the ottoman, and I like it so much better. I decided to try making the cloth buttons a solid gray instead of the stripe, I did a tighter tufting, and I more evenly spaced the upholstery nails on the sides. The tufting isn't completely even, but I did my best, and I'm happy with it for now.
All in all I think it looks more sophisticated and tailored. At Point Loma, where we had light carpet, the rust color was nice, but now that we have darker walls and floors, the lighter color and subtle pattern makes the room feel less heavy. 


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