Monday, May 21, 2012

Plates and Bowls and Such

This past week after my last final, I treated myself to some browsing at Farley and Moore Antiques, and here are a few of the treasures I found. I didn't purchase anything this time, but I love to get inspiration from their lovely things.

This bowl surprised me. I have a miniature version of it, given to me by my grandma as a wedding gift, and I hadn't previously seen another like it. I love the geometric pattern and the amber-colored glass.
These candlesticks are also an amber-colored glass, and I liked their clean lines and height.
This embroidery I thought would make a lovely necklace if the flowers were taken apart. I like the color of the thread and the shape of the flowers.
The tag said this is a "nut and meat chopper," which I thought was an odd combination of things to chop. :) But I like the floral decal and the sage green color of the tin.
I loved how quirky this record cover is! It made me laugh out loud.
This teapot has the same pearlescent sheen as a set of china we have from Rick's grandmother. It's a tall teapot, too - such a lovely shape and color.
Hope you enjoyed. :)


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