Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Woodward Opera House

It's officially summer because we had our first First Friday here, where all the shops downtown stay open late. Rick and I headed over to the town square with our neighbor Hannah, and we finally got to tour The Woodward Opera House. It's "America's oldest authentic 19th century theater" according to their website, and it's still in the process of being restored. The theater is above the local coffee shop, on the third and fourth floors, and they're making offices on the second floor. Here are a few pictures of the unfinished offices. 
Here is the theater itself, also still in the process of restoration. But there are beautiful trim details and woodwork throughout. These pictures are for Elda - we can't wait to take you here!
We spoke with a docent there who told us a lot of details about the history of the Opera House, so I asked him what the story was behind this "rug." It looked like wood, but when I asked, the man kind-of laughed and said it was nothing special, just a sheet of painted linoleum. Oh well. :) I thought it was cool anyway. 
Here's the festive-looking Main Street from the Opera House window. 

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