Sunday, June 3, 2012

Barn Sales and Organizing

I went garage sale-ing with Hannah on Saturday morning - the first time since moving here that I set out with only that in mind. While I didn't do my usual check of Craigslist and mapped-out list of which sales start when and where, we still found some great ones. :) Here are the treasures I found...

A mini screwdriver and drill set and a green plant pot that I plan to use for our new bathroom plant:
The plant I think is called a snake plant - at least that's what I was hoping I purchased. :) According to this site, it's supposed to be good for cleaning the air, and since Rick's allergies have been pretty bad recently, I figured it couldn't hurt to try something new.

I also bought a plastic storage bin (on the left, below). Since we gave away our bedroom set before we moved, we've been without a dresser this whole time. We've done pretty well, actually, but it's always nice to have a place to store things away, so I'm grateful for some more drawers.
This find inspired my re-organization efforts yesterday. I deep-cleaned our bedroom and moved some things around. Since Nora kept chewing my shoes, I wanted a place to store them where she couldn't get to them; I brought in a bookshelf from the garage, and while this looked so much better in my head, I think it will do for now. (Next on my to-find list: a new laundry hamper...)
I saved my favorite find for last. This vanity bench we found at a barn sale, and I think it's my new favorite piece of furniture. We found several awesome chairs that were tempting to buy, too, but this I couldn't pass up. I love the pattern of the fabric as well as the wood structure. I'm not too sure where to put it yet, but I'll post pictures of its new home when I find it. For now I keep walking into the guest room to admire it. :)
Oh, how I love garage sale season. :)


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