Saturday, June 30, 2012


Although I am making a conscious effort for this blog not to be simply my photo diary, I do want to share some photos of our recent outings with our family, who came to Ohio to visit for a bit of a family reunion. We travelled to Conneaut (where my mother-in-law is from), in the northeast corner of Ohio, and stayed in a cottage on Lake Erie. Here are a few snapshots from our shenanigans. 

At White Turkey, a local eatery:
Rainbow Cafe, one of the many places we had pizza: 
By the lake house:
The fam :)
Like the rest of us, all Nora wanted to do was sunbathe
Nora, being defiant
A view from the cottage deck
 I bought some colored smoke bombs that we lit...
 ... and then decided to frolic with:
We finally convinced Rick to hold one ...
... and it burned his finger... we felt so bad!
But the orange smoke was lovely. :)
My attempt to capture the boys setting off fireworks
 A local covered bridge we visited:
I'm sorry, this made me laugh so hard I had to post it. Who does this?!
All in all, we had an awesome time with family, and it was incredibly special to meet so many relatives so close to us (only about 3 hours away). Rick and I definitely feel blessed by such a generous and loving family.


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