Sunday, June 10, 2012

Schnormeier Gardens

This week I went to tour the Schnormeier Gardens with Hannah and her family. The Schnormeiers are the same family after whom MVNU's art gallery is named, so I was excited to see what their personal gardens were like. The tour took us through several different garden areas on the grounds, so here are some of my favorite of the snapshots I took along the way. 

The Waterfalls Garden:
The Japanese teahouse:
View from the hills above:
The Stream Garden:
 The Japanese garden house in the Serenity Garden:
The Chinese pavilion in the Chinese Cup Gardens:
The Schnormeiers' private Japanese garden:
 View across the pond:
 In the Meadow Garden:
 The Quarry Garden:
I felt a little like I was walking through Monet's Giverny with the lovely water lilies and arched bridges. 
I also threw in some pictures of the clouds because they were so stunning that day. I never get tired of watching them. Over all, it was a perfect day for a walk through the gardens. 


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