Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunlight and Snacking, Perhaps

This post doesn't really have a unified theme, but I wanted to share some photos I've taken this week around the house. The first few are of the afternoon sunlight, which has been striking the past few days. 
 And sunlight through my water glass...
And more afternoon lighting on my snacks. :) (I didn't eat the entire bowl-full, though it was tempting...)
This was also taken in afternoon light, but I wanted to share my recent concoction: vanilla almond milk with two shakes each of nutmeg and cloves. The vanilla almond milk alone was way too sweet for me, but with the spices it's delicious. I've been having it alongside a small bowl of dried dates for dessert. I highly recommend it. 
These last few photos are of our recent goings-on. First, my favorite: Nora playing with our neighbor's cat, Otto. I'm calling this one, "The Stand-Off." :)
These next items I got at Goodwill this week. I was excited to find some clear plastic cups like my blue one above with the dates. I got it at a garage sale and love it, so I was happy to find some more like it. And with the green vase/urn? I just liked the color.
I finally potted our herbs, so now we have a container herb "garden." I'm hoping to make some garden tags/stakes for them that will look better than the plastic ones that are there now. We currently have basil, rosemary, mint, oregano, and lavender.
Finally, I potted the snake plant. And you can barely see, but the sweet peas in the background are blooming. I'll take better pictures of them soon.

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