Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Walk in the Park...

...well, at Kenyon College, not really the park. I took Nora out yesterday for a walk/reading time since the weather was so nice. Sipping an iced coffee and relaxing in the shade was lovely.
This one makes me laugh - Nora wasn't really wanting
her picture taken... :)
Here are the views from our bench:
I think this is a dorm, and Rick and I both decided that we'd gladly take the
top room with the circle window. I'd love to see it from the inside. 
I did a small bit of reading until a hornet decided I was sitting on his bench, giant ants crawled up my leg, and I found a spider hanging from my hair - all within no more than a minute. But even briefly, this was a welcome escape from being indoors.
I think because of the heat (?) some leaves are already pretending it's fall.
One of my favorite building/tree pair on the campus

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