Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Evenings

It feels like fall is fast-approaching since many of the trees are starting to turn red and orange and yellow in small patches. Rick and I are trying to enjoy the long evenings as much as possible while they last, so we've been taking Nora for more walks on the trail. The other day the sunlight was so lovely and warm and soft that I couldn't resist taking some pictures. 
You can't really tell from this picture - I only see four or five - but there were SO MANY millipedes this evening that I was getting completely grossed out. Standing in one place, I counted over a dozen, and they were all over throughout our walk. Bleh. 
Tonight, like many nights, there were deer eating behind our yard. There's a new little deer family with an albino deer, which is (obviously) very light and so beautiful. I couldn't get great pictures because they were all behind the bushes, but here is a poor picture of a deer behind a tree anyhow. :)

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