Monday, September 17, 2012


Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday and made it special. I had a wonderful weekend spent with Rick, enjoying my favorite desserts. :)
On Saturday we went to Pistacia Vera, and I had my favorite macarons - vanilla and pistachio - and of course, coffee. :) Rick had key lime and chocolate hazelnut macarons, I think.
On Sunday we had dinner with Hannah and Matt, in honor of our twin birthdays. :) We ate at the Olive Garden and then went to Jeni's for ice cream. I had half crumbleberry and half honey pistachio, and while it's an expensive treat, the flavors made it entirely worth it. 
And while I did not make myself a cake this year (I made this a while ago - this recipe again), I did get this cake stand from my parents, and I had to share it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and it fits a cake dome perfectly. Now I need to make a dessert worthy of it. This one turned out to be way too puny! :)


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