Friday, September 28, 2012

Highlights from the Lincoln Park Botanical Garden

On Saturday we went with Joel, Elda, and our friend Tasha to the Lincoln Park Botanical Garden and Zoo. Here are some of my favorite plants from the garden, and I'll save the animals for another post. 
This is coffee! Perhaps my favorite plant. :)
 I love the fiery limbs on the one above. 
The shape of the beehive ginger is incredible! I am so in awe that plants can be so different...
This view is looking up at the hanging vines. 
Tasha, Rick, and Joel - you can barely see Elda, too. :)
This one is called a silver dollar fern, and I love the shape of the leaves 
An alligator fern
A butterfly plant
I love the warm colors on this leaf. 
Even the greenhouse has beautiful architecture in these metal pillars.
This one is called "Sensitive Plant," and it's one my mom showed us in Honduras. If you run your hand over the leaves, they close up for a bit. 
This one made me laugh - I've seen this plant before, and I really like it, but I had no idea it was called a Swiss Cheese plant! :)

Next up, the Lincoln Park Zoo... 

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