Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family & Fall Part I: Apples & Pumpkins

My family came out to visit earlier this month, and we had so much fun showing them around central Ohio. To give them a taste of fall, we took them to pick apples and pumpkins at the same farm we visited with Jeff and Becca and Kenzie last year: Lynd Fruit Farm.

Here are some memorable moments:
The guys in the pumpkin patch
A pumpkin flower
Joel and Elda picking a pumpkin
Dad found two perfect pumpkins
Mom and Dad, eating apples in the orchard
This one makes me laugh so hard, I had to include it - my dad looks like
he's really disappointed in this apple...
The red ones are called Melrose apples, and they were
created by Ohio State University. They're a combo of
Jonathan and Red Delicious apples. 
Mom with our 20 lb. bag
The yellowish apples were Suncrisps, and they're really
good - they taste almost pear-like, but without the mealy
These next few I borrowed from Elda and my mom. They took such great pictures, I wanted to share them as well. :) 
I love the colors in this one (by Mom)
(by Mom)
Nora (by Elda)
Rick, climbing the apple tree (by Mom) 
The girls (by Elda - or, from her camera at least...)
More family trip pics coming soon...

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