Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Officially Making Us "Those People" (Sorry, Rick)

Tonight the school has a Halloween activity for local kids, so I think we may take Nora to get her fill of attention. :) When the winds kick up she always seems to think her energy level needs to as well. This year we didn't get her a new costume, and despite my plans to make one (she was going to be the Romneys' olympian horse Rafalka), I didn't have time to follow through on a costume. I rummaged through her (embarrassingly full) bin of possessions, and I came up with a few last minute ideas - complete with a little dog shaming as well...

This was Nora's "Sexy Bee" from last year, in honor of the traditional twenty-something "Sexy ____ (fill in the blank animal)" costume.
"I taunt our neighbor's cat through the window."
This one I'm calling "The Queen Bee"
"I pooped under the dining room table. Twice."
The Humiliated Mariachi
"I snore so loud no one can sleep."
 The Superstorm Sandy Weather Reporter - can you see the snow on the tree outside?
"I'm inconsolable for hours when even one peal of thunder sounds."
 The Party Animal
"I threw up on the couch cushions."
This last one doesn't require a costume, just a little perspective: The Bobble-Head
"I eat the grass clods when Rick mows the lawn."
And in case you're wondering, these are true stories.... It must be winter again.

- Shelley

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