Thursday, November 29, 2012


For those not on Facebook, we adopted a Boston Terrier sister for Nora about two weeks ago, and her name is Gracie. She and Nora have become best friends pretty quickly, which I am incredibly grateful for, but Rick and I are still working on training her better. I had been looking forward to having another dog to keep Nora company and to play with her while I work, but I hadn't anticipated her wanting to snuggle even more than Nora does. :) The other day Gracie jumped onto my lap, despite the fact that my laptop was already there; she has no concept of space and the limits of her body right now. But she has gotten much better already; yesterday she and Nora were asleep together in the other room, so I was able to get a lot done with a free lap.

I have several other posts planned, so I will try to get them up this weekend.


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