Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Found My Camera! (and Winter-Proofing Our Back Door)

Good news! I was able to track down my iPhone/camera before leaving San Diego. I had a wonderful and restful time and am so thankful to family and friends for making my stay so enjoyable. I miss you all already. I thought I took more pictures than this, but apparently some things were more important for me to remember than others...
One of my favorite sweets places - AzĂșcar in Ocean Beach
Oceanside Pier, where I went with my mom
 View of the coast and La Jolla from Oceanside
Oceanside Pier
A pepper tree in Old Town, where I had lunch with my mother-in-law, Barb

Now I am back in Mount Vernon and am surprised at how much I am enjoying the completely different cold weather and snow. 
There are several cardinals in our tree here
 Whenever I try to take pictures, this becomes my view after about three seconds...
Our backyard - several inches of snow here

So, I second-guessed myself in deciding to post this next project, but I figured it's an update, and someone may find it helpful. :) Maybe... I'll keep it brief.

Our back door is mostly slatted glass, which I love because it lets in air and light, but it also lets in the cold. We had tried to stop some of the freezing air coming underneath the door by stuffing a blanket up close to it at night, but it quickly became a tripping hazzard. So I decided to make an airflow stopper and to cover the window.
After trying several different ideas, I ended up buying an egg crate mattress to stuff between the glass and the screen and used the curtain rods that were already in place when we moved in. Since it's not permanent, I just safety pinned some fabric in place for a curtain. For the door stopper I sewed the same fabric into a square and left one side open. I stuffed in the leftover egg crate, some batting, and several ziplock bags full of rice to give it some weight. Then I sewed closed the remaining side. To keep it attached to the door, I just tied it to the curtain rod with some rope (which I bought for another project I will post this week). 
The end result is nothing amazing, but it does the job, and I'm happy that it looks cleaner than a blanket on the floor. :)



  1. Smart! I may have to copy you since Roy keeps claiming the body pillow by our front door!

  2. Haha! Yep, our dogs are total pillow and blanket thieves. :)