Sunday, January 27, 2013

Macrame Plant Hangers

I was so pleased that my plants survived while I was gone, though it might be safe to say that they've seen better days. I had to trim the dead parts off of most of them. My mint plant was struggling a little, so Rick moved it to the dining room, and it seems to be doing well. It has new sprouts, but its longer arms make it difficult to keep on the counter, so I thought I might take advantage of all of the ceiling hooks throughout our house; we have them in at least one corner of nearly every room. I've never done macrame before, but I embraced the hippy in me and experimented with making plant hangers. :)

I found this video on YouTube and made this simple one for the dining room.
And I used this picture as inspiration and this tutorial for square knots to make this more complex hanger for my lavender plant in my office (sorry for the poor photos). 
The truth comes out: this is how my office looks more often than not. :( I have some cleaning and organizing to do...


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