Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Hint of Spring

I don't have much of an update right now. I started a few projects but have felt a little overwhelmed by the growing number of things I'd like to get done versus the pressure to find work. I'll post more about that soon because I am growing in new ways I hope to share. For now I will just say that Rick has been an incredible encouragement to me, and that has enabled me to get anything done at all. 

With that, here are some pictures I've taken recently. :)

I have to say that the action shot of Gracie chasing the barely visible Nora, above, is my favorite. We've had warm(er) weather this week (39 degrees and sunny!), and I definitely sat outside in the sun and wore my sandals while Gracie ran and Nora mostly sunbathed. 
I hesitate to say this since I feel like everyone is saying it in hopes that it comes true, but this week really made me feel like spring is right around the corner. That feeling of expectation that comes with morning sunshine and birds chirping was totally alive. I even spotted two groundhogs and seven wild turkeys out and about this week, universal symbols of life as we all know. :)
In contrast, the week before last we had lots of snow (and by lots, I mean probably a few inches). Rick and I drove to Columbus, and when it was clearer, this was the beautiful view. 
It's currently snowing a little after a lot of rain both yesterday and earlier today. These pictures aren't super recent, but I like to think they capture on "film" some of the giant snowflakes and snow downfall that I find so amazingly cool. :) 
Even our thermostat is in denial. 

 I hope the weather is treating you well where you are. More to come...


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