Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hazel-Atlas and Other Antiques

So I treated myself to wandering through one of our local antique malls last week - Farley & Moore -  in search of a grapefruit spoon, and, go figure, I found everything but the spoon. My friend Elisabeth once told me that she finds beauty in too many things, and I think that I have acquired that as well. So rather than bring home too many more lovely but unnecessary items, I decided to do the frugal thing and snap some photos to share here. And perhaps someone may be inspired to add something to his or her own collection.
 The graphic pattern on this purse inspires me to paint.
This dresser is more beautiful in person, and while I don't usually spend more than $20 on anything, I think it's a steal for $150.
 I should have looked, but I think these bowls may be Hazel-Atlas - more on that to come.
 A small, tarnished silver bowl - even with the tarnish, I think it's lovely in its simplicity.
 A trivet - I'm finding them in all kinds of intricate shapes, and I think they'd look great as kitchen art.
This guy is pretty random, but I really like him. It's a boot something, I can't find the name, but I think to help you take off boots. It's fairly heavy, and I think it would make a fun book-end.
 An old date stamp - it reminds me of checking out library books.
 More unique trivets.
 A rose-glass cookie jar.
These are toothpick holders, but I think they would make great bud vases, and all of their colors together were so striking.
I thought this was another steal - a mid-century style sewing table on sale for $25. The door needs some adjustment, but it would make a cool side table. I may have a thing for old sewing tables. :) And the ceramic vessel below it would also make a pretty kitchen container. 
These three items were all $1, and I ended up buying the middle one because the things inside are old paper beads, and I'm excited to make some necklaces with them. Also, the small glass canister reminds me of my mom's kitchen jars. 
This tin I found before I left for Christmas, and I convinced myself not to buy it, but I have since changed my mind and plan to use it to store my paintbrushes. Inexpensive antiques will be my undoing.
And last but not least, my favorite find: a Hazel-Atlas ice bucket. I didn't end up buying it that day, but I couldn't get it out of my head, so I went back. I think part of what makes me love it so much is the lid.  

I'm probably revealing how much of an antiques novice I am in saying that I had never heard of Hazel-Atlas glass, but I did a brief online search to see more products and find more information. My initial search led me to some really odd pieces like this one and this one, but there are also some beautiful and more familiar-looking patterns like this one (just kidding - I'm sorry, it was just so horrible I had to link to it - more like this ice bucket and these glasses). I also stumbled across this interesting historical article about the corporation, and the fact that its origin is not too far from here makes me like it even more.
 So now my embroidery floss has a beautiful "new" home. :)


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