Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Shelving

As you can see here, our guest room has been in need of some organization. A while back I organized the closet, but that has since overflowed, so I decided to put some of the items I use most on some shelves by my desk. I picked up the supplies at Lowes for about $20. 
For some reason I had a hard time styling the shelves. I kind of wanted to keep them monochromatic since the walls are pinkish and the floors are more of an orangey wood. I already have a yellow bedspread and file cabinet, and things started looking a little too pastel when I changed the rug and hung the lavender plant. Since I needed a place for two more plants, I decided to stick (as best I could) to white, green, black, and wood. I'm still not crazy about the colors in there, but I think limiting them here helps me feel like the room is a little cleaner. And adding the mirror in between the shelves brightens the space even more. 

I found the wooden box on the lower shelf at a local antique shop for $1 (one of my favorite finds), and I put my stamps and cards in there, and on the top shelf I set some fabrics, paintbrushes, and a tin full of embroidery floss. I still need to sort through the other supplies, but I think this is a good start. 
Since taking these pictures, I bought a new container for my embroidery floss, and it might be my new favorite antique purchase. I'll post it soon. :)