Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow and Katalina's

We've gotten some incredible snow here the past few days, and I have surprised myself with how much I am enjoying it. So I took a few pictures to share. The photo above is of our church last Sunday.

And on my way to pick up Rick from work yesterday afternoon, the snow was past my ankles, and the road to the school was was barely uncovered.
I am trying really hard not to have a picture of the dogs in every post I write, but I couldn't resist these next photos. Occasionally when I let Gracie outside and then go to check on her, I hear her loud breathing before I even open the door; she runs around the yard like crazy, and here are the tracks I saw last night when I let her in.
And for further proof that it's her, here is her blur (on the right, in the snow), running around the yard. You can barely even tell it's a dog! :) 
On a completely different note, Rick and I were able to try out a new breakfast place this week: Katalina's Cafe Corner in Columbus.
I loved the decor - kind of an artistic latin or bohemian feel. Rick and I split a truffled egg sandwich and their specialty, pancake balls with sweet and spicy bacon. We chose the ones filled with Nutella and with dulce de leche, and they may have been the best breakfast food I've ever had. We have a long list of people we need to take here.
To not leave you with a not-so-pretty picture of food, here is the lovely water dispenser they had. I felt a little ridiculous snapping photos of everything inside, so I stopped myself here. :) 
I also re-did my office this week, so I will post photos of that soon. 


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