Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food & Waste

I love having projects, but I am realizing that I'm not so great with completing ones that take more than one sitting to finish. Today I decided to do two shorter ones that I've had on my list this week, and I'm pretty excited about both, as small as they are.
First, we're having someone over for dessert this evening, and after watching the documentary Hungry for Change, I decided to find a healthier option than my usual fruit tart recipe. I stumbled upon a blog called This Rawsome Vegan Life, and I am so impressed with this girl! Her blog and photos are very well done, and I am eager to try out more of her recipes. Today I made the fruit tart with chai cream filling, and I can't wait to eat it. I had some leftover filling that I put in my yogurt this morning, and it's delicious.
There's really no segue into this next project, except that maybe I'm trying not to put trash into my body? (That's a stretch, sorry.)
Since I rearranged the kitchen a bit, I've been wanting to label our trash cans. I had written on them before (as you can kind of see above), but now they face a different direction, so I decided to label the lids.
I did a Google image search for trash can and recycling logos and found this one and this one that I liked. I traced them from my computer screen and then cut them out and traced them on the lids with sharpies. The trash can one I filled in by hand since it was easier.
And here's the final product:
 Now I'm excited to recycle and throw things away. :) I love making ordinary things more fun.


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